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Iran- Images You Will Not See

March 21, 2013

Tehran- Capital

Polo Is 3000 Years Old In Iran

Azadi Stadium Iran, 4th Largest Soccer Stadium In The World

Female Iranian Soccer Fans

Iran is a Superpower in Wrestling

Chess was invented in Iran

Lamborghini in Tehran

Iran is Home To 250,000 Christians & 40K Persian Jews Who Live In Peace

Christmass Eve Mass in Iran

Persian Iranian Women

Iran, in its entire history as a nation, has never invaded another Sovereign Nation.

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  1. So Much ‘to do’ is made of the Iranian taking of US Hostages in 1979.

    Why is it never told that the reason the US Hostages were taken in Iran in the first place, was because the Iranian people overthrew the US Placed Puppet and Brutal Shah, in power since 1953, when the US staged an overthrow of the Iranian Democratically elected Government, and the Iranians ‘reward’ for throwing out the Shah, was having their Billions of Dollars of assets Frozen in US Banks?

    Note: Israel has Still never made payment for the massive Oil purchases from Iran in that year.

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